Information Room


Information Room

The information room used to be the garage for steam-driven lorries that were used on the estate. The tower on the north-east corner held a water tank that fed the lorry bolier. It is located next to the cycle hire shop.

Today you can stop off here and read about Grimsthorpe as well as being able to pick up leaflets on local attractions. We also have a blackboard that carries up to date reports by the park ranger and head gardener. Take a look at some of the messages already ‘leaft’.



We’d be delighted if you want to leave a message for other visitors, letting them know what you enjoyed doing or seeing whilst you were with us. The LEAF A MESSAGE board is located in the information room, meaning that you can leave a message before you return to the car park. Your message can be written on a MAGNETIC LEAF (as in ‘LEAF’ a message!) and then stuck onto the magnetic tree on the board.

Everyone can take part but we’re sure that our younger visitors will enjoy sticking the leaves onto the tree.