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Antiques Fair CANCELLED

The antiques fair scheduled for the weekend (1-3 July) has been cancelled. Unfortunately torrential rain during June has waterlogged the event site and the forecast of more rain this week will not give the ground the opportunity to dry out sufficiently to make the event safe. We are sorry to have to make this decision and thank you for your…


Refurbished chairs in Castle

Pictured are three walnut chairs from a set of six on display in the castle. Dating from the early 18th century, in the style of William Kent. Until recently the beautiful cross stitch embroidery was hidden by a more recent pink material. Now the floral designs can be seen in all their glory.


Shakespeare arrives at Grimsthorpe…

…in the form of a Lincolnshire-brewed beer dedicated to him. Bard’s Bitter, brewed at the 8-Sailed Windmill Brewery in Heckington, is now on sale in the gift shop. Is there a connection between Shakespeare and Grimsthorpe? There have been suggestions that the character of the Earl of Kent in ‘King Lear’ was based on Peregrine Bertie, 13th Baron Willoughby de…


The Grimsthorpe Bunny Hunt Winner

There were a record number of entrants for the Great Grimsthorpe Bunny Hunt prize this year. We hope that everyone enjoyed taking part. The bunnies were finally rounded up and chased into the park last week. The Head Gardener would like to thank everyone for their help. He can now get on with making the gardens look even better for…


Great News for 2016 Season Ticket holders

We are delighted to announce that ownership of a 2016 Grimsthorpe season ticket has just got even better. In addition to visiting the park and gardens on any standard open day; a visit to the castle; 5% discount on shop purchases and a free visit to Easton Walled Gardens, you can now enjoy a FREE visit to Sacrewell Farm near…

Red Bridge Pond

Revitalised Pond

The Red Bridge pond at Grimsthorpe Castle has been dredged, landscaped and is once again full of clean water. There is still work to be completed on repairing the causeway arches but it looks well on a bright winter day. Dating from the mid 1700s, this landscape was created at the time Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown was transforming England’s parks. We…