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The Grimsthorpe Bunny Hunt Winner

There were a record number of entrants for the Great Grimsthorpe Bunny Hunt prize this year. We hope that everyone enjoyed taking part. The bunnies were finally rounded up and chased into the park last week. The Head Gardener would like to thank everyone for their help. He can now get on with making the gardens look even better for…


Great News for 2016 Season Ticket holders

We are delighted to announce that ownership of a 2016 Grimsthorpe season ticket has just got even better. In addition to visiting the park and gardens on any standard open day; a visit to the castle; 5% discount on shop purchases and a free visit to Easton Walled Gardens, you can now enjoy a FREE visit to Sacrewell Farm near…

Red Bridge Pond

Revitalised Pond

The Red Bridge pond at Grimsthorpe Castle has been dredged, landscaped and is once again full of clean water. There is still work to be completed on repairing the causeway arches but it looks well on a bright winter day. Dating from the mid 1700s, this landscape was created at the time Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown was transforming England’s parks. We…

Winter Grimsthorpe

A special Christmas Gift idea….

Regular visitors to Grimsthorpe know that it is a special place. Tranquil gardens, beautiful landscaped parkland, an historic house filled with treasures and always a  warm welcome from the people who work here. Families usually include a visit to the adventure playground and often bring bikes to cycle along our extensive trails.   Our 2016 Season Tickets are now on…


Thank you!

Grimsthorpe has now closed. We re-open on Thursday 24th March 2016. During the winter months we will carry out essential work and plan to ensure that we will be ready to welcome you next year. We aim to keep in touch with those of you who have asked for updates over the closed season. The team here would like to…

Newtons Trail

Explore Newton’s Trail

Download this trail map and use it to explore some hidden delights. From Isaac Newton’s birthplace to the church in Edenham where the Willoughby de Eresby family are buried, you can find lots of fascinating places in between. Start at either end and follow the route that covers around 15 miles of quiet country lanes. Walk, drive or cycle the…

Topiary trim

Trimming the Topiary

Every year the topiary yew hedges at Grimsthorpe receive their annual trim. This is a really long job! Setting up the ladders, spraying the hedge with water (it makes the leaves easier to cut and provides a much sharper finish) and then taking care to avoid cropping the wrong bits. It’s a real work of art. Here you can see…

Scented Candles

Sale now on!

The September sale in the Gift Shop is now on. We are clearing lines prior to closing at the end of the month. Many items are discounted at 50% and 30% off. Season ticket holders can also claim a further 5% reduction on their purchases. Many of the sale items would make great Christmas presents. Scented candles, kitchen gadgets and…