Adventure Playground
A Wonderful Castle in the heart of Lincolnshire. Grimsthorpe is a historic house, park & garden, open in the summer for adults and children to enjoy the countryside, nature and history.
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Adventure Playground

Woodland Adventure Playground

A woodland adventure playground for Children

The playground is in a woodland setting where you may also spot deer, foxes, red kites, buzzards and pheasants. The sights, sounds and smells of the wood make this a special place to visit.

The playground includes the following


Zip wire

Climbing trail



Tiny tots area

Climbing towers

Chain bridges

Amazon Jungle Climber

Adult ‘Trim’ Trail Course

Plus a shelter for mums and dads.

There are picnic benches too. A woodland path leaves the playground and winds through the wood for around 1500 metres including great views of the lake.