Food & Drink
A Wonderful Castle in the heart of Lincolnshire. Grimsthorpe is a historic house, park & garden, open in the summer for adults and children to enjoy the countryside, nature and history.
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Food & Drink


Open 10.30am-4pm on standard public open days


Famed for its tasty breakfast and lunch menus, the popular March Hare Tea Rooms in Corby Glen is on the road this summer!


Run by Amy and her team, the new Airstream trailer will be providing delicious take away refreshments from April to September.

The trailer will be located at our new entrance, close to the car park.


Visitors can enjoy their refreshments in the newly renovated barn, where indoor seating is available, or take their coffee into the gardens to enjoy on one of our many picnic benches.


Those wishing to visit the trailer but not enter the Park, can do so as it will be situated before the ticket hut.


Please note that although indoor seating and toilets will be available this is a take away service.


Ice Cream tubs by local award winning Blyton Ice Cream are available at our Gift Shop (as well as a wide selection of ice lollies).


A family-run, Award Winning business with over 30 years of experience in providing tasty ice creams since 1985! All still made on the original farm site.


Well-known for their ‘classic vanilla ice cream’, they also have sugar free and vegan options, all made with high-quality Italian ingredients.


Dog Ice Cream is also available!