Highway Cello

Tuesday 31st May


Pop up Cellist in the Gardens


Join us in the Gardens for a pop up concert of music and poems by Kenneth Wilson as he cycles from Hadrian’s Wall to Rome!


Kenneth Wilson is an ex-vicar, failed property developer, and reformed vegetarian, who once ran an Indian travel company. Now, as The Poetical Cellist, he plays a wide variety of foot-tapping, tear-jerking music. The cello is abetted – sometimes subverted – by an arresting and acid poetical


Depending on the mood you might hear ancient Irish laments, James Bond, and croaking frogs; or cardinal sins, and sinning cardinals; uprisings against the English; slow boats and tango. Even a retelling of ancient Greek tragedy.


Kenneth Wilson plays the cello with a moving and sonorous passion. His poetry is funny and incisive and memorable.


This is a music tour with a unique difference. Kenneth cycles from Hadrian’s Wall to Rome, pulling his cello behind him in a trailer, and performs at every opportunity on the way.


He describes the tour as a “musical journey in three movements”. Until he reaches Dover, Highway Cello is a bit like a traditional concert tour, with 13 dates. Once in France, and Italy, Highway Cello becomes an improvised variation on the tour theme.


What will happen? No-one knows until he cycles into town and opens his cello case…

Included in your Park & Gardens ticket.