Lettering Arts Trust

Lettering Arts Trust at Grimsthorpe

Teucer Wilson Circular Stone Seat

The Lettering Arts Trust is dedicated to the fostering of an age old art. For centuries, human beings have felt the need to mark make. This urge continues today and we are thrilled to play a part in its future. We hope you too will enjoy it through this beautiful collection of exhibits on permanent loan here at Grimsthorpe in the Old Walled Garden. There is no additional charge to view the collection once you have purchased a park & gardens ticket.
(Open on the same days at the castle, park & gardens).

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The purpose of the Art & Memory Collection is to show how beautiful and varied contemporary memorial art can be, with the emphasis on fine letter-carving – a much neglected art form.


Nowadays in the UK approximately one in three of us will commission some kind of memorial during our lifetime – works that will remain visible in public places for years to come; yet until now there has been no permanent national collection where people can seek inspiration from a wide range of commemorative works by contemporary artists trained in traditional lettering skills.  The Art & Memory Collection is designed to meet this need.

No machine can match the subtlety of the trained hand and eye in varying the width and depth of the cut, and in making the minute adjustments in spacing which bring an inscription to life.  The Art & Memory Collection will benefit all sections of the public, enabling people to learn more about the lettering arts, and discover the infinite possibilities for creating memorials of lasting beauty.

The Art & Memory exhibition was launched in 2009 at West Dean Gardens and ran for seven months. All 54 of these lettered works, are now permanently sited at seven venues throughout the UK. Arnos Vale Cemetery, Bristol; Blair Castle, Perthshire; Canterbury Cathedral, Kent; Grimsthorpe Castle, Lincolnshire; Monnow Valley Arts Centre, Herefordshire; Winterbourne Botanical Garden, Birmingham. There is also a recently established a site in Suffolk