Lambrequin pelmet and backboard

Gothic Bedroom

The crimson velvet lambrequin pelmet and backboard, which now form the hangings of this half-tester bed, are from the canopy in Westminster Hall used at King George IV’s Coronation in 1821.


The pelmet is embroidered in metal thread with the monogram of George IV, framed by the lion of England, the harp of Ireland and the thistle of Scotland, and the backboard with the monogram below a crown.

The Gothic giltwood and papier-mâché throne canopy was supplied by C.F. Bielefeld for the temporary House of Lords in 1835.

A brass plaque is inscribed ‘The Hangings & Canopy of this Bed belonged to the Throne in the old House Of Lords and were claimed by Lord Willoughby de Eresby in 1847’.