Tapestry Drawing Room

As one of the original Tudor rooms, this was probably the family’s privy chamber for receiving selected important guests. Henry VIII reputedly held a council meeting here during his stay at Grimsthorpe in 1541.
The Tapestry Drawing Room

Known as the Blue Drawing Room at the turn of the nineteenth century, it was remodelled in the 1920s by Eloise, Countess of Ancaster, when the Soho tapestries which now adorn the walls, were brought with other furnishings from Normanton Park before its demolition. Eloise took the bold step of instructing the firm of Keeble to paint the walls this deep chocolate colour. The result, heightened with gilding in the décor and other furnishings, is a room of richness and warmth.

Some of the objects that can be found in this room include…